Your First Appointment

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Many questions to get to the root cause of your concern

I am going to ask about everything from the circumstances surrounding your birth to the quality of your last bowel movement. If you do a great job filling out your paperwork, this getting-to-know-you process will go fairly smoothly; if you skip some parts or have a complex history, it will take a little longer. I schedule 90 minutes for an adult's first visit; kids usually take about an hour. If you live in the greater San Antonio area, I am happy to come to your home and do an old-fashioned house-call. I also work remotely with clients by telephone and video conferencing. 

This intake gives me a very good idea of the habits, history, and genetic issues that are determining your health. You will leave my office with a list of recommendations for adjustments to those "determinants of health" – possibly including changes in diet, hydration, and sleep habits, and recommendations for certain botanical or nutraceutical products. I may also introduce you to hydrotherapy: an inexpensive and simple tool that can help boost your immune system and detox pathways. I occasionally ask a client to go to their primary care doctor and obtain laboratory testing or imaging. 


Your coaching plan is customized specifically to meet your needs and suit your personality type. Whether you are a person who needs "baby steps" in order to be successful, or you are an all-or-nothing type of person, you can go at the speed perfect for you. If you think you are one type of person and discover that – whoops! – you really are the opposite, that's okay! We'll just adjust the plan so that it works better for you and use that knowledge to create more effective treatment plans in the future. 

Please keep in mind that your first office visit is just the first step in a possibly long process. Depending on how long you've been under the weather, it may take a while to get you back on track. I like to tell some clients that we may go two steps forward and one step back, but we will keep moving forward, as long as there aren't any new exposures or problems. I may tweak your treatment plan during subsequent visits, depending on what arises in the course of treatment.  


Naturopathy is gentle and uses low-force interventions, but it is also powerful! Those who follow their treatment plans and make the recommended adjustments to their determinants of health see amazing results. 

Are you wondering if naturopathic coaching is right for you?  Call Dr. Wendy for a free 15-minute phone consultation. 

Send an email to ​ or call (210) 640-5022 to schedule your free consultation today!

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